Release v3.0.0. (Changelog)

aiohttp_utils provides handy utilities for building aiohttp.web applications.

  • Method-based handlers (“resources”)
  • Routing utilities
  • Content negotiation with JSON rendering by default

Everything is optional. You can use as much (or as little) of this toolkit as you need.

from aiohttp import web
from aiohttp_utils import Response, routing, negotiation

app = web.Application(router=routing.ResourceRouter())

# Method-based handlers
class HelloResource:

    async def get(self, request):
        name = request.GET.get('name', 'World')
        return Response({
            'message': 'Hello ' + name

app.router.add_resource_object('/', HelloResource())

# Content negotiation
    app, renderers={
        'application/json': negotiation.render_json


$ pip install aiohttp_utils

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